What is an alcoholic and how to treat alcoholism effectively?

Is alcohol really bad for us? If you are not aware of some facts about alcohol, you might end up asking yourself “Why the heck everyone in the world is drinking alcohol day and night and there  no problem at all?” The answer is simply because not many people are really aware of the unhealthy effects of alcohol on different systems of our body (physical and emotional systems). Besides, not many people are aware of the benefits of stopping drinking alcohol and living a sober life. Last but not least, perhaps not many of us are really aware of the amount of money being spent wasted on alcohol throughout the world every year while this money can be spent on so many better things in life, improving the quality of life of humans on earth.

Surprising facts about alcohol

These facts about Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) are really interesting, and can be a small spark to think about alcohol. In fact there are tons of websites, pages, and official organizations that share valuable information about the effects of alcohol on humans and provide accurate statistics and figures about alcohol. Therefore, here are some most interesting ones only.

– Surprising fact #1: Alcohol kills nearly 3 million people each year! This is just sad!

This means every 10 seconds, somebody dies because of alcohol. This was mentioned by the World Health Organization. And do you think the owners of alcohol business in the world care? Perhaps they will not be happy that people start to bring awareness to people by explaining these facts about alcohol, drugs, etc. Well, read the next fact to believe.

– Surprising fact #2: It is expected that the alcoholic drinks industry worldwide, will exceed $2 trillion in 2020. This is indeed a huge figure. Just think about it!

And this is when they are talking about the worldwide economic recession, an increase in the unemployment rate in developed countries. Well, if the world’s economy is that bad, then how come the alcohol business is growing more and more every year?

Perhaps the reason is not that people are getting cooler, and happier and more successful, and they are so happy about their lives that they want to celebrate their success by drinking. Maybe, the reason that drinking businesses are growing more and more despite the world economic recess is once you taste it, it is damn difficult to forget about it. They are all addiction businesses.

That is the reason that usually people will not change their drinking patterns under any economic condition. The worse the economy, the more justifiable it is to refuge in alcohol or other substances. It makes you forget about the problems for a while isn’t it? “Let’s rock this weekend and blow away the worries by drinking, and on Monday we will think about the problems that we are facing in our job, study, relationships, etc.”. And this is so sad again…

Now you might have an idea that why the owners of alcohol businesses do not really care whether 3 or 30 or 300 million people die yearly. Profit matters.

Treatment for alcohol poisoning

Treatment for alcohol poisoning is a serious business, and most commonly done in a hospital emergency room by trained medical personnel. A person with acute alcohol poisoning needs immediate medical care as this is a serious stuff. Without care, the person can fall into a coma that might result in death.

Alcohol poisoning is generally a result of binge drinking, where more than 5 alcoholic drinks are consumed in a row for men, 4 for women.

Treatment for alcohol poisoning usually means the person having their stomach pumped, along with intravenous fluid replacement, and breathing assistance.
The scariest part of alcohol poisoning is the reliance on the good judgment of other people whether to take action or not.

When a person fails to remain conscious and/or will not awaken when roused, 911 needs to be called. Do not allow the person to fall back asleep while waiting for help to arrive, try to have them sit up and stay awake at all times.

What is the root of all addictions?

When you hear or read about addictions, it might be a very scary topic for you. It might remind you of drug users who steal money, commit a crime, sleep in the street, and are generally irresponsible or dangerous people. However, we are going to bring a big shock to you by explaining a little bit more to give you a deeper and more realistic idea about them. We will explain what is the foundation of so many wrong behaviors in people that they might even have not touched any drugs in their lives. You might be surprised, but you should know more about this.

Have you ever heard about the conscious and subconscious mind, and the iceberg analogy for it? Consider the same concept, and we will explain addiction based on that in the below two ways:

– Firstly, it may be described as “having a hole in your soul”. By “hole” it means an emotional, and spiritual hollow and emptiness. As simple as that. This description provides a very profound understanding of why you as a human tendency to get dependent on a certain substance such as alcohol or drugs, or binge on certain actions such as eating, being dependent on other people, etc.

Secondly, it is the disease of “active character defects”, that makes you behave in certain ways, and see the world in certain ways, and do things in certain ways. All of them make you unhappy, obsessive, angry, blaming etc., but you do not know why you are like that. So in order to escape from all these feelings and experience happiness, again you take refuge to a substance, such as alcohol or drugs, or binge on some behaviors and actions.

The reason is so simple: because that emptiness brings you pain and takes away your deep happiness. Therefore, you will try to fill that hole with something in order to feel good. So naturally, If you are not aware of its existence, or you do not know how to fill it, you will try many things to fill that hollow and emptiness.

Drinking alcohol, using drugs, smoking cigarettes, or binge eating, being over-dependent to other humans are all only the “symptoms” of a giant disease called “addiction”, which is the root of all of them. So the dimension of this disease is much greater than any substance or activity. It contains all the substance dependencies in it, and a lot more.

Signs of alcoholism

If you are reading this, then you are probably wondering if you or someone you love is exhibiting signs of alcoholism. You probably already know there is a problem with alcohol, but are not sure just how far it has gone. There are many signs of alcoholism and a person who is suffering from the disease may show all of these signs of alcoholism, most of them or a few here and there. The thing to keep in mind that even if you or your loved one is only showing a few signs of alcoholism the symptoms of alcoholism are present and that is cause for concern.

Loss of interest in hobbies and other activities. Probably one of the saddest signs of alcoholism is seeing someone neglect something that once brought them joy. When a person is suffering from alcoholism they lose interest in activities that used to occupy their free time. You may notice that a yard that was once beautifully kept is now overgrown and full of weeds. Household projects are half done for months or even years.

Inability to stop even if you want too. Many alcoholics recognize the signs of alcoholism, and they know that they need help. However, the pull of alcohol can be stronger than the will to quit. Alcoholics may try to quit and may even go a long period of time without drinking. But without help from a support group such as AA or an addiction recovery program, they are likely to start drinking again when the stress of life becomes too much to handle.

Increased tolerance. Do you notice yourself or your loved one drinking more than they have in the past? As the disease of alcoholism progresses the alcoholic needs more to achieve the desired effect.

Continuing to drink even though your world is falling apart. This is also one of the saddest signs of alcoholism. Usually there is a lot of chaos around someone who is suffering from alcoholism. There could be trouble at work, trouble with the law, and relationship issues. But in spite of the problems an alcoholic does not stop drinking.

A few steps to alcohol addiction treatment

Is there really a cure for alcoholism? Some people say no and some say yes. There is an old saying, “Once an alcoholic, always alcoholic.” But, that is the old days; this is a new time and era.

Once a person makes a decision they have a real drinking problem, it is an uphill battle. To cure the alcoholism, a network of family, friends, neighbors, and support groups should be used. When depression sets in or the must-have a drink feeling is there, and even shakes and trying to eat food again, help is needed. The very first month is crucial in the first stages of recovery.

Introspection is the most effective technique that’s used and it really works most of the time. As soon as the sufferer has admitted that they have got a challenge then the medicine can begin.

Medications are prescribed in rehab centers for alcohol detoxing. Clinical monitoring of alcohol detox is vital otherwise it’s dangerous.

Effective medication for alcoholism from recovery ASAP

If you think there is no hope for you to get over your bad habits, then you are wrong. You can always turn to the experts who can help you out with taking medication for alcoholism.

Antabuse (disulfiram) is special medicine that discourages drinking in people addicted to alcohol and unable to quit without special help. Its effects are based on causing unpleasant symptoms when alcohol is consumed. This drug must never be given to someone already intoxicated, as dangerous symptoms can occur. The person taking Antabuse must be aware of the effects this medicine may cause. The following symptoms are experienced when you take Antabuse and there is any amount of alcohol in your blood: vomiting, chest pain, mental confusion, weakness, nausea, flushing of the face, choking, anxiety, headache, blurred vision, breathing difficulty, and sweating. To make sure you will not get any of the side effects mentioned you will need to take Antabuse at least 12 hours after the last drink and avoid drinking during 2 weeks after stopping the treatment. Otherwise you can suffer the symptoms mentioned above. If you get skin rash or acne, impotence, tiredness, mild headaches, sore tongue, mild drowsiness, or metallic taste in the mouth, you can carry on with your treatment. These are mild side effects sometimes reported by people taking Antabuse but not expected to affect your treatment in any way. 

More serious side effects can, however, affect the success of your treatment and will need to be reported to your health care provider as soon as you notice them. These can include lack of energy, vomiting, excessive tiredness, loss of appetite, dark urine, yellowness of the skin or eyes, weakness, and upset stomach.

Naltrexone (generic Revia) is a powerful effective opiate antagonist. The medicine is used in the treatment of alcohol and drug addiction.

The principle of the drug: alcohol affects various parts of the brain, including the system of opiate receptors, which provide euphoria and pleasure from alcohol. By blocking the effects of alcohol on these receptors, Naltrexone reduces alcohol cravings, thus helping alcohol-dependent patients reduce their alcohol intake. Studies show that most patients taking Naltrexone significantly reduced the frequency of alcohol consumption compared to those taking a placebo. This drug has been shown to be highly effective in the treatment of drug abuse. 

Naltrexone is not addictive. While taking medication and alcohol, there is no danger of serious poisoning, but do not forget about safety measures!

What about the natural treatment?

The circle of so-called friends the person has to be reevaluated. Instead of hitting the bar every night after work and hanging out, routines and lifestyle changes will be made. This will become life-changing. What friends does this person have still standing apart from the bar scene? Are these friends also co-workers?

To be cured of alcoholism is extremely hard if the person is being teased or being sweet-talked every day of what they were missing last night at the bar or pool hall. Things that are said, “Your family is crazy for talking you into stop drinking! “Why are you doing this?” “You are no fun to be around anymore!” Does this sound familiar to anyone?

A person has to stay positive and focused and ignore these things. Be strong and put their foot down and tell people that it is their decision and no one else’s. This person is desperate to change their life for the better. This person wants to repair the damage caused to the spouse and kids and become healthy again.

One first healthy step to have a cure for alcoholism is drinking water. Water is the key to flushing out all those poisons that are built up in the liver. Go back to drinking the required amount every day. This will start killing the “thirst.”

Start taking B vitamins again also to help make the body healthy again. Drink beet juice as it kills all the excess sugar that is built up in your body and helps flush it all away. Beet juice is also used for diabetes.

Is there a cure for alcoholism? Of course, there is. It will take time, lots of love from supporters, and a lot of spiritual guidance.

People with day-by-day alcohol use are bodily dependent on alcohol and need to have a monitored day-by-day intake of alcohol with the intention to ward off withdrawal warning signs.

The scientific evaluation performed by the alcohol rehab core is intended to assist the employees identify any actual problems the man with an alcohol dependency may have. Usually, those physical disorders are correctly caused by using the alcohol dependency. Issues of the liver, as an instance, could have developed due to the dependency. After clinical problems were identified, the workers of the rehab core can paintings toward making the sufferer physically natural once greater.

The fulfillment of the rehab will ordinarily depend on the willpower of the sufferer and how a lot they desire to quit their dependency. In the event that they do no longer have the need to stop using alcohol then the rehab strategy may be futile in the end. Therapy centers will notwithstanding try to assist you as a lot as they are able to in quitting alcohol. They are going to change the rehab strategies to meet you want and desires. Each and every rehab technique is now not rigid and it’ll be converted to fit your needs to make the therapy more efficient. The victorious results will as a consequence be noticeable early on.

Is alcoholism a family problem?

Usually, the family of the drinker thinks that the only problem is the drinker. This is not entirely accurate. The entire family is affected when a member is afflicted with the problem. The important thing to remember is that you must stick together, although sometimes it is necessary to make adjustments to relationships with new ways of communication. It is important also to use a guide or mentor when going through this process of change.

This means that you don’t have to go through this alone anymore. There is help available. This doesn’t mean that it will be easy. However, you do not have to struggle alone anymore. There are many people that know what you’re going through. They have been through the pain of seeing family relationships disintegrate, anger and discouragement mount, and the eventual rejection of the alcoholic when she/he doesn’t do what you want. They have learned to detach without feeling guilty.

Few people can understand this unless they have been through it. The problem of alcoholism can confuse, frustrate, and sadden all that are involved, sometimes leaving the family members so frustrated that they work against each other. It can leave all uncertain as to direction and angry about having to take one. However, the action is necessary and worthwhile. Recovery is different for each person. However, it is important to know what you are up against and equally important to not go it alone. This direction is a very spiritual process.

On this site, you will get information that will take you to the next step. There are people, organizations, professionals, self-help groups, and other resources which have experienced the same problems that you are experiencing and who are available to guide you through the maze of help. However, you have to seek them out. When the family clusters together and has a guide or coach, the chance for success is maximized. Getting sober and healthy is a process. Very few people realize that they have a problem and get sober and stay sober without some sort of help such as a person who has “been there.”

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